Al Huqooq Advocacy Advocates and Legal Consultants

Established in 1985 and since then, Al Huqooq Law Firm - Advocates and Legal Consultants started to provide its dedicated legal experiences and services, as a national United Arab Emirates ( Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai). Focusing on the quality of the legal services rendered to its customers, and dedicated to provide the proper information and legal advice in all life trends and in the various legal requirements for the commercial establishments and others.

The Firm works as a main ex-legal advisor or provides immanent legal services for a great number of leading companies in the industrial, commercial and different services areas, relying on the national, Arab and foreign efficiencies who provide first class legal services. The Firm has international cooperation with many Arab and world legal firms, as consideration to the interests of its customers and principals to secure and guarantee the best services.

Unlike other black letter law firms, we value practical experience as much as our legal know-how. That is why we recruit high-calibre people who have extensive legal experience in other countries. We value our team’s collective background which allows us to approach clients’ issues from a variety of angles. We provide our legal advisers with on-the-job training and research facilities so that they are well-equipped to deal with current and specific legal issues in the UAE.

Our size allows us to be entrepreneurial in approach and exceptionally efficient. We are able to move in tandem with the fast-paced economy of the UAE. We value our ability to adapt quickly to the new situations and act swiftly on developing areas of law and business.

Our team works carefully, hand - picked from legal practitioners across the globe who strive to provide the best level of service with capability and high efficiency.

Growth and prosperity of the business are based on the plans , objectives and strategis , in appreciation , the success of the business related to a large extent the legal framework as the legal protection of a supportive and supportive of the business and its continued success , and we strongly believe that legal work should be preventive action before to be an act therapeutically, therefore we do believe there is a great connection between the running commercial business and the law , and the legal work in the same time should be provided to the client in a good quality manner .

Abu Dhabi

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  • Offices 2307-2308 level 23, Grosvenor Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road -Dubai
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