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Legal Consultancy

Al Huqooq Legal Firm Office provides professional legal advice through a group of talented and experienced legal advisors. The office is not just distinguished with its elite group of lawyers and legal advisors, but it also keeps pace with the latest development and technologies. In this age, everyone of us needs to know their legal position towards something or some projects that they are going to make, and they need to know this quickly and accurately.

Accordingly, on our website, we provide you with the chance to send your legal consultancy with all its details from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else in Abu Dhabi or UAE or any other part of the world.

Just send your legal consultancy and any other details that you want to attach to it, and one of our professional legal advisors will check it, and we will send you our legal advice supported by law provisions as soon as possible by email or fax, with taking care of the security of your data and information mentioned in the online legal consultancy.

Drafting Contracts

Although they know the importance of well-written contracts, a lot of people think that they don't need a lawyer when they're preparing themselves to sign a contract. However, that is not true at all. Contract drafting is an art and a science. It is not just a matter of getting a contract template and then building on it. The reason that lawyers are so expensive is that they can protect you from entering into a contract that could end up cheating you. They are there to safeguard your interests.

A lawyer's advice can be invaluable if you need to sign an employment or contractor agreement, or if you need to sign a contract or agreement to buy a house, a car or make any other major purchase, or even if you need to sign a marriage contract. Legally binding contracts and agreements have a lot of jargon you may not understand. Hiring a lawyer to help you through these contracts could save you a lot of money and prevent legal complications that could arise later on.


Due to the modern commercial and industrial boom, the insurance sector has witnessed an increase in growth and prosperity, and insurance awareness increase among all. Given our expertise gained on the theoretical and practical aspects in this area, we provide legal services to the insurance industry in UAE, whether for companies or individuals, such as follows:

- Provision of opinion and legal advice with respect to insurance coverage for individuals and companies of all types, such as insurance against fire, loss of property, auto accidents, professional negligence or personal injury.
- Representation of clients in all cases relating to insurance disputes.
- Settlement of disputes involving insurance settlements and negotiations with insurance companies about payment.

Judicial and Legal Representation

We are in the Al Huqooq Legal Firm Bureau obligated by our mandatory in a professional way & we always attempt to present miscellaneous legal services toour clients and mandatory , insisting in focusing on commercial / industrial activities according to all laws applied in UAE.

Field of laws we give more attention ( are the laws applied in UAE and International relevant laws ), we also represent our clients withregard to relevant claims to the said laws , either in the field of legal consultations or pleading in courts.

Our office examines the legal and judicial situation of the company in its disputes with third parties, developing conflict management scenarios, selecting the best and implementing them, preparing all necessary judicial documents from lists, memoranda, objections, minutes and settlement agreements, and representing them in pleading before the various judicial bodies.

Research Service

The firm has a distinguished legal team of outstanding advisers capable of representing clients and following up their commercial, civil, criminal, legal, administrative, or financial cases before various judicial and quasi-judicial authorities, dispute settlement committees, judicial investigative authorities, and governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad, and whether this representation is associated with specific judicial or legal suits or general cases. Additionally, the firm has a distinguished legal crew through which it can provide its individual, family, company, institution or association clients with specialized legal consultants to represent them in all legal and judicial issues.

Debts follow up

Al Huqooq Law Firm is capable and has the experience in following up the debtors, negotiate with them and make settlement with them and oblige them to pay their debts either by reconciliation or through court.


Al Huqooq law Firm prepares, registers and follows-up all lawsuits of lease, eviction, compensation, rent payment, expert appointment to evaluate real properties or any damage thereon before the Rent Disputes Settlement Committee or the Summary Case Judge, if needed, and at all degrees of litigation-first instance, appeal or cassation.

Maritime Law

There is in the office a few legal offices, which has a good knowledge and research in the field of maritime law, and the members of the office are keeping study, and doing the necessary research regarding to this subject.

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